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Hase Accessories

Universal coupling

With this Hase accessory you can hitch up almost anything on wheels: Trailers for attachment to quickrelease hub axles as well as the Bob Yark, the Weber adapter, and of course the Kettwiesel and Trets.



Universal mount

Use the universal mount to easily place your accessories on (e.g. rechargeable headlight, GPS, pulse watch or bike computer on your bike, provided there is a handlebar mount (diameter 22mm).


Rear view mirror

Tailgaters beware! Because looking over your shoulder is no fun on a recumbent: This mirror from Busch & Müller gives you a wide view to the back thanks to its special optics.


Holder for walking stick

Just place the crutches or walking stick in the holder, secure them with the clamp, and hit the road Multi-functional.


Front rack

Even more luggage capacity for long tours with the new Lowrider Rack: An optimal distribution of weight between the front and rear tires. The center of gravity stays low and the riding dynamics ? swoosh!


Wheel cover

Reflektive wheelcover as mounted on the Trets model.


Direction indicator

Clearer than hand signals for more safety in traffic: The electric turn Signal System is operated with a lever on the handlebars.


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By the Detroit News and Freepress